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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  September 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: here we go again breaking news from the browns at 4:00. robert griffin iii is placed on injured reserve for at least 8 games. >> this game of the season. >> tony zarrella now with the details. >> you know how many times i have sat in this seat in 10 years, one game. rg iii watching his career with redskins crash because of injuries made it through one game with the browns and sidelined for at least eight weeks. they will reevaluate his left shoulder f. he needs surgery he is done for the year.
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safety and both hit hard and rg pays the price. fractured bone on his left shoulder. they will move forward with josh mccown. >> as for the hit itself. >> guy surprised me on the sideline getting out of bounds and it is an unfortunate play and putting us in a position to have a chance to win the game and hurt pretty bad the battle with my teammates on the field. and i can move forward with my left arm. i am in pain but will be okay. >> tony: not right now. that was yesterday. hue jackson just talked and we will talk about it at 5:00. griffin is injury-prone. the irony is in front of us. they didn't want carson wentz and he goes out and drops 300 yards on the debut. browns are shuffling
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>> >> tony: speechless. >> mark: i don't know -- yeah. romona is speechless. that just happened. >> romona: why us? why always us? >> tony: they signed a guy and i have been saying that, i like rg and i thought he did everything right preparing himself but he is injury-prone and that's always the concern with him and sidelined him in washington and sidelined him the guy you didn't want and won't be in the draft next year picking 2nd is in philly. >> romona: we will talk more about this at 4:40. >> tony: get your thoughts together. >> romona: we have other news now a brunswick football family and n.a.a.c.p. plan to meet in a few minutes because of threats after he kneeled during the
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more on this. denise? >> reporter: as you mentioned rodney and his family and n.a.a.c.p. are scheduled to meet with n.a.a.c.p. today and we are expecting them to come out of the building and police department in 10-15 minutes to give us a press conference and talk about the developments in this case. meanwhile, we heard from school officials who said they disciplined students in connection with racist threats and also comments. >> stand for the national anthem when he heard racial slurs in his locker room. the brunswick football player decided not to stand for the national an chem when his team took to the field earlier this month. since then he received texts using the n- word and received threats he might be lynched. >> i don't think that's necessary. i don't think you should be able to play.
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that. >> violence doesn't get you anywhere. >> that was comments we got from people in the community here. mixed emotions and obviously everyone saying they are completely against what they heard as far as threats and comments made and many said they thought they should stand for the national anthem. brunswick city school superintendent told us he will be sticking with this investigation and working with police until closed. we are expecting this press conference to happen in the next few minutes and we will stream it live on and bring you another live report coming up at the top of the 5:00. for now asking questions, getting answers in brunswick, denise zarrella cleveland 19 news. >> mark: okay, denise, thank you. protests of the anthem growing across the nfl. with more athletes standing together. >> dan: it was interesting. yesterday was 9/11 and there was
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athletes, nfl players would take that opportunity on 9/11. we can show you a picture of the few and there were a number of them. this is corner kansas city chiefs marcus peters. he chose to use the solidarity fist in the air as we have seen in the past when it came to miami dolphins four people including erin foster took a knee and one put his heart during the national anthem. across the field the seahawks announced they will do something as a team in solidarity and did a linking of the arms seen as a positive move. lastly, we get bennett and teammate doing the solidarity fist in the air before the patriots game. there were a number of these that grew even though it was
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opinions about the protest. mark? >> mark: thank you. a grandmother 61-years-old is dead this afternoon. >> she was shot in a drive by over the weekend. harry boomer is getting answers now. harry, have any arrests been made yet? >> we don't have word of arrests made. we talked to police a couple of times. life is priceless for some and for some they don't care who they shoha knollwood on sunday afternoon. >> yesterday when the shooting occurred, i was in my driveway headed home from my neighbor's house. cleveland 19 decided not to show faces of those today to protect the innocent. >> i thought it was fireworks and i thought it was gunshots. i didn't see anything. i heard it. i came back to the front of the house because i found out there
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belinda hunter in the head she died this morning. folks out at the time describe a blue van pulling up and a man from inside the van just opened up. bullets don't have eyes and found an innocent target as she stood on her own front porch. >> that is a sad situation. >> the woman whose voice you are hearing has lived in the same outs on the same street for 30 years. there's evidence the street is not bullet holes litter houses and two other slugs hit a person, a 27-year-old male sunday hit in his back and shoulder. >> i know my neighbor, a bullet we want into her window and the police was over there yesterday as well searching and it is really, really sad. >> her house was struck last year near her bedroom. her husband heard it hit the house as he got up in the middle
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>> right here. i was shocking. i was in the bed and didn't know this was going on. when i opened the front door, everything was taped off. what's going on? it was a drive-by. >> reporter: the family of 61-year-old belinda hunter say they took her off life support at 5:00 this morning. the other person shot, montez pierce was treated for injuries at metro and no arrests or motive. soots police tell us, we will tell you. >> live at norwood and superior harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: thank you, harry. took a walk right through the middle of the city, the square, gorgeous and perfect outside. keep dialing them up, man. >> the front came through and by the way saturday's 90 could have well be our last 90-degree day. i don't see big time heat waves
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tomorrow above 80 degrees and look at that shot above lake erie. hardly a cloud in the sky. puffy cummulus clouds. 78, 5:00, 75. 6:00, 74 and down to 73 and we are at 7 pleasant degrees, akron-canton, downtown cleveland 74. you have a north wind at we will be warmer tomorrow. enjoy the sun. next alert day wednesday. that's the next front i will be talking about nonsevere and after that i will have the forecast coming up in the next half hour. mark? >> thank you, jeff. >> hillary clinton taking the day off from the campaign trail after she nearly collapsed for the ceremony for the anniversary
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something she said before the ceremony that has donald trump upset. jamie yuccas has details. hillary clinton is recovering after nearly passing out at a 9/11 event sunday. clinton's campaign initially did not reveal she was diagnosed with pneumonia friday and they will be more forth coming about her health. >> in the next couple of days we will release additional medical information about hillary clinton and we have been in touch with her physician and we will release that to torrets lingering concerns about what you saw yesterday. >> reporter: donald trump said he had a physical last week and promises to release results soon. >> trump wished clinton well and then a comment she made about supporters last week. >> you can put half of trump's supporters into a basket of deplorables. >> reporter: she and wealthy donors had a good laugh.
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clinton as an out of touch elitist who can't relate to the common man. >> hillary clinton is an insider supported by powerful insiders attacking americans who have absolutely no political power. >> reporter: trump made his own controversial comments in the past. >> donald trump has got to go! >> reporter: a handful of protestors were outside his new pennsylvania avenue hotel in washington, d.c. monday morning to remind potential jamie yuccas, cbs news, the white house. >> mark: and an ad on clinton's deplorable comment and regrets criticizing trump's supporters and maintains his campaign gave a platform for hateful views and voices. coming up at 4:30 dr. jason johnson talks about what this means for clinton's credibility. >> mark: still to come, scam victims. a consumer alert on those most likely to get conned. >> romona: downtown days.
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downtown area. what's on the agenda? that's after the break. >> mark: look at 77 in and out of the city. it is dry. it is comfortable. everybody moving fine this time of day. first alert traffic on cleveland
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph
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19 news. >> mark: welcome. con artists steal millions from people every year. the people most likely to fall for a scam may not be who you think. chris martinez reports. >> you just recently have been identified as the winner. >> father mark ortiz thought he won over $1 million from the publishers clearing house in 2014. >> i thought this was great. thank you, god, thank you, god. >> reporter: when the 87-year-old went to collect his winnings, a con artist told he must pay $47,000 to pay for his winnings and he found out he was a part of a scam. >> hook, line and sinker i fell. >> new research from the better business bureau finds it is the exact opposite. >> younger people and educated people are likely to lose money to a scam. >> reporter: the report looked at 30,000 scam cases.
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money. 18 to 424-year-olds fell for the scam and forked over cash. >> the better business bureau calls it optimism buyas and they are overconfident they can spot a scam and don't keep their guard up. >> we are all at risk and stereotypes widely held that older people, gullible or less educated, those are stereotypes and not an accurate reflection of the reality we see. >> the better business bureau un report a scam. >> reporter: chris martinez cbs news los angeles. always watching. always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: well, hardly a cloud in the sky and it is weather 101. you need clouds to get rain. we don't have that coming any time soon. it will be a coolish night. fantastic last night great weather for sleeping and great situation tonight.
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70. it will be a big drop in temperature this evening once the sunsets and by 11:00, down to 57 in norwalk and in the overnight, many spots in the low to mid-50s overnight. 8:00 in the morning temperatures, mid-50s for a lot of us here and tomorrow during the day will be warmer in advance of the next front coming through. by 2:00 tomorrow we will or better. this is the next front. dry tomorrow. dry tomorrow night and not on wednesday. this is the next alert with scattered showers and storms. these are not expected to be severe. we have an alert day here for showers and storms and right now the best timing on that 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the forecast there. okay accident waves around a foot out there on the lake. calm water, clear, a little cool
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akron-canton 56 will be your low tomorrow. 83 the afternoon high and another day lots of sunshine after that coolish start there by 5:00. we will be up to 82 and around 80 for your lunch. there's your alert wednesday for scattered showers and storms for the first half of the day. and dry and only 70 thursday and another alert on saturday for showers and stormsp could see a few morning showers sunday and dry for the game. romona? >> if you are downtown around lunchtime you can add melt to your list of options. the public square location opened today. it is a quick service concept like the one at progressive field and they are serving all of their most famous sandwiches there in the huntington building open week days 11:00 a.m. until
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>> yeah. >> that lake erie monster sandwich. that's my fayetteville there. it is so good. >> mark: a week of events planned for downtown cleveland as part of downtown days. >> romona: shelby miller is here to tell us about the event. >> reporter: romona, mark, events will be going on throughout downtown cleveland for the city's first downtown days and the goal is to get people who live in cleveland a chance to get out and neighbors. marching through the arcade, cleveland's first downtown days kicked off with a retail parade. this was one of more two dozen events happening this week. organizers say there's something for everyone. >> for young millennials and seasoned professionals you name it. it is a chance for residents to meet their neighbors and a chance for perspective residents downtown to see and get a glimpse of a day in the life of
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called downtown cleveland home. as the event grows organizers hopes downtown days to bring them closer to together. >> every stakeholder and community has come to build a community and engagement among the downtown residential population. >> reporter: on top of retail parades, it includes a traveling hotel hop and happy hour in the wearhouse district, wine and this weekend to name a few. >> every day events include give aways and prizes leading up to cleveland browns games. >> one of the grand prizes is presented by jack casino. they will raffle off two on the field seats for the browns home opener this sunday. >> a lot of fun. all the events are free to go to. you have to pay if you want dinner or drinks.
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events on romona and mark. >> romona: okay, shelby. thank you. trending today. a proposal only appropriate for a beyonce concert. >> mark: nailed it. hear this contestant's answer to a difficult question coming up
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>> mark: what's trending. if you like, it you got to put a ring on it. >> romona: first you probably heard miss arkansas savvy shields crowned miss america 2017. that wasn't even the highlight for many. it was reactions from businessman and owner of the dallas mavericks mark cuban.
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is gabby. the songbird seemingly neutral face. twitter had a field day as people always do. trending from the pageant was this contestant's answer about donald trump. >> donald trump, what do you think of him? you have 20 seconds. go. >> i think that he is a bright reminder of how our country needs to come together. if you don't agree with his message it is time to decide >> romona: i would say not a fair question. she handled it well. kamil sands was a second runner up in the competition. >> good job. >> and pop star -- super pop star. coming to the cle. ? can we please make up our minds ?
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>> mark: that's right. or arion aground e will make a stop for the dangerous woman tour. she is 16. >> romona: isn't she -- >> harry: what. >> romona: she licked the doughnuts. >> it will be at the q and lots of cool things happening at the q and things like that. >> romona: why did you have to bring that up. watch you will like it. >> how about that. >> that happen odd beyonce on stage. beyonce formation world tour of the weekend. one of the dancers won't be a single and he put a ring on it. the dance captain in the middle single ladies. obviously he was in on the whole
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>> romona: so nice. it is tough to dance like beyonce. but you've got it. >> mark: it is not tough. look at me go. am i right, jeff? >> romona: coming up at 4:00
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> romona: our top story today. a black football player for brunswick high school took of colin kaepernick and on what he calls racial injustice. the teenager, his family and n.a.a.c.p. are meeting with police after the teenager faced arrest. >> a 61-year-old grandmother shot in the head in cleveland sunday evening has died. it happened during a drive-by. no arrests have been made there. >> romona: hillary clinton is taking the day off from the campaign trail after she nearly
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9/11 attacks. clinton's campaign initially did not reveal she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. but they now say they will be more forthcoming about her health. donald trump says he had a physical last week and promises to release the results soon. we are learning more about pneumonia and recovering from it now. it is pretty rail and develops after the body has been infected with joining us right now is dr. rodney foals. welcome, doctor. >> welcome. thank you. >> romona: let's talk about pneumonia. first of all, how do you get it how does one come down with it. >> well, you get pneumonia by having exposure to different types of micro-organisms that get into your lungs but not only do they get in your lungs they have to evade normal ways to get
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once they get into the lungs and start to grow and set up inside the lungs that's what they call pneumonia. >> what are the symptoms? we saw hillary clinton on the campaign trail earlier on, coughing. how do you know if you are coming down with it or becoming ill? >> a lot of what we get tend to be colds or maybe it gets down into your bronchial tubes or it is bronchitis. if it gets to the lungs and a variety of symptoms with it, coughing is probably the most common. you will see fevers. some people will have chills. you will have headaches, fatigue and being very tired. all those can be reminiscent of someone who has pneumonia. >> doctor, a lot of people expressed concern about hillary. both these presidential candidates are older candidates. she is 68.
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on and off planes. they are shaking hands every day. are you more susceptible when you do that? >> you know, you probably are. it is a disease that can you get from exposure. we do recommend for people who are in large groups or crowds to wash your hands when you are done. and also being around people infection or cold, you are more susceptible to getting it as well. >> what's the treatment? we have been told she will skip a few appearances. how long does it take for one to get over pneumonia? >> you know, people underestimate how long it takes to get over pneumonia. people can be affected especially older individual over
4:34 pm
take weeks to really get over that pneumonia. we treat pneumonias in a different way. pneumonias can be caused by bacteria and we give antibiotics which are the most common ways to get pneumonia from bacteria and you can get it from viruses and can you get it from fungi and they are treated differently. a lot of times with viruses and more supportive care and rest, lots taking perhaps some tylenol to help with some of the chills that you get. primarily antibiotics, usually five days of antibiotics is what is prescribed. >> all right. dr. rodney fultz, thank you for joining us and sharing insight on pneumonia. thank you. >> romona: joining us now to talk about what hillary's sickness means for her run for
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>> mark: dr. jay, here we go, at the very least concerns and a lot came from out of nowhere in the past weeks about hillary clinton's condition and now, you know it is legit. we have some possibilities here with pneumonia. what do you think it means? >> i don't think it means anything to anybody. i will be honest with you. this plays into exactly what donald trump wants to talk about. he's always had this idea that people are low energy and you let's be honest. number one, being president of the united states, you don't have to lead us into battle against the vikings. you don't have to take a spaceship and fight off aliens. you have to be physically capable of doing the job. hillary clinton falling over because of heat exhaustion or pneumonia, that happens. it is not cancer. it is not heart disease and not alzheimer's. i don't think it does anything to someone who will already vote
4:36 pm
bolster people who may not vote for her or were voting for donald trump. >> romona: were you surprised by donald trump's reaction to her pneumonia diagnosis. it didn't seem trump-like. what do you think? >> you know, not really. there's little donald trump does that surprises me at this point. i will say this. it is fascinating that trump has decided he will release some of his medical records now to compare himself to hillary clinton but he still won't release his tax return, which is something almost every presidential candidate has done for 40 years. >> mark: would something like this in this case, does it take, i don't know how to explain it, take the whole physicality out of this? does it reveal a kinder, gentler, quote, unquote, donald trump, because you won't go
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released because they have been sick for awhile. we are two weeks away from the presidential debate. the last thing donald trump wants to do is really try to go in on whether hillary clinton is physically capable and proud and she comes and does back flips on stage or makes a joke about it when they are debating each other. this is a reflection of trump's campaign team and tone it down on certain things and attack her as a person and attacking somebody with a normal sickness t >> romona: jason, we are quickly running out of time. tell us what your thoughts on calling half of donald trump's supporters deplorables. >> she said half of trump's supporters are racists and bigots and by polling we know it is true. by supporting trump they think president obama is a muslim and that disqualifies us and thinks
4:38 pm
didn't say all people who are voting for donald trump happen to feel that way. >> this is very different. isn't that something her surrogates hear them say rather than coming out of her mouth and people were surprised. >> mark: it is romney at a dinner party. a reversion of this. >> i think it is different. what romney said, 47% of voters out there are never going t they like getting treats from the government. i thought that was romney saying i quit. it is closer to barack obama saying in 2008 that when the economy isn't working well people cling to guns and religion and it is more an attitude of a candidate saying, look, there's certain people who will support this other candidate because they are frustrated and we need to speak to some of those people frustrated as opposed to people
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we have seen at donald trump rallies some things said and done. and i don't have a problem with what hillary clinton said and i am glad she didn't entirely back away from it. >> for fun purposes follow dr. jason johnson on twitter for nfl takes on sunday. they are very funny intermingled with political talk and we appreciate you taking the time today. >> sorry about rg iii, guys. >> romona: you had to bring it up. live from the first alert weather center your hour forecast. all right. i follow him on twitter. look at his pick there is. >> all right. let's look at the sunshine here. beautiful shot out over the lake. you know, when you see forever like that, that's how you know you are in dry air. as a result, cool tonight with clear sky, great sleeping conditions and warmer tomorrow and not that humid. we have the alert wednesday for nonsevere showers and storms we are forecasting.
4:40 pm
spot we have dover new philly 81. 75 in sandusky and we will go with about 73 at 7. 66 at 10:00 and downtown cleveland by morning around 59. it will be cooler i would and here is the next alert day wednesday with showers and storms and right now i am leaning towards the first half of the day and we will see this rain 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and these will not be severe eventh mostly sunny tomorrow. 83 the high. 61 at 8:00 a.m. 71 at 11:00 and early afternoon 81. enjoy it. mark, back to you. >> all right, jeff. thank you very much. earlier this year two parma teens put themselves in a great deal of danger and waved realistic bb guns at a public park. paul orlousky found the judge wanted to send them a message and one to all teens.
4:41 pm
an incident in parma shows not everyone lerped them. >> it looks like two kids have a gun in the pavilion. i don't know if they are real. >> the phone call to parma police was hauntingly similar that drew officers to tamir rice at cudell. first an officer stays back and the two boys put the air soft guns down and hands up. >> the case has been in juvenile court for some time and attorneys for the boys fought to keep the media the magistrate got assurances from cleveland 19 there was no intention to identify the boys. >> anything that might identify the juvenile. >> okay, thank you. >> that is consistent with your editorial policy? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: with that we stayed. the interesting story is the judge's punishment. community service, fine and essays on the disarrange the pair put themselves into by flashing the guns. one wrote: i have to start thinking before i do stuff. not thinking before you do stuff have you messed up. >> the other wrote.
4:42 pm
whatnot to do. i am done with bb guns and any gun in general. >> thank youfully will you be here to learn a lesson. >> the boy's cases were dismissed taking with them an important lesson. >> the judge doing this will be a teaching matter for all. >> reporter: asking questions, getting answers, paul orlousky. and the high school was closed today after a fire damaged part of the building school won't be in session tomorrow. >> investigators believe it started in the building's maintenance office. it was contained and some smoke got into a nearby hallway. the cause of the fire is being investigated but not suspicious. luckily, no one was injured. coming up, i will take time out and so did robert griffin iii. the vip phone call interrupting his press conference.
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now for a quick timeout with romona and tony. >> romona: i really don't know how much more i can take, i am sure browns fans out there feel the same way. what is it? >> the season hasn't even gotten started quite yet. >> here is the problem. if you missed it, rg on injured reserve now with a fractured bone in the left shoulder. here is the problem with this. it is not that the offense can't function with josh mccown, you
4:46 pm
playing a 37-year-old quarterback who is not the future. they go in on rg and say listen we hope he is a long term player and now derailed by injuries killing his career in washington. >> romona: was robert griffin the long term plan? forgive me, but what i have seen so far? >> he is doing all the wrong things. >> romona: he was overthrowing a lot. there were dropped balls but he was overthrowing. >> tony: listen, again, they quarterback next year-round one. here is the thing about rg before he got the bad news. yesterday you know who had his back? who. >> his mom. >> make sure those things we continue to improve. sorry about that, guys. it's my mother. she is really worried about me. >> tony: i love it. >> romona: moms do that.
4:47 pm
he couldn't slide. this happened really fast. >> romona: we will go and support him and i will go and say hi to my friends. >> tony: i know you will pick the browns. >> romona: let's talk about something good. indians. >> tony: magic number 14. they are 7 up. moments ago, indians putting out a release. danny salazar is done about a month. >> romona: he is one of our best. >> tony: he has been struggling f the mri revealed it. salazar will not be pitching the rest of the regular season and miss round 1 of the playoffs. it doesn't help. he was struggling and they have been successful. they are headed down the stretch. tiger is here friday and they can put a dagger on them. >> chris tanaka coming up.
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paramedics found a heart in a local field and 95% sure it is human. we are live with the police investigation and plus officials at hopkins are planning more improvements. they want to become more efficient and reduce delays. that's good news for travelers. it is one of the most popular shows on tv and cleveland 19 wheel of fortune coming to town. we will tell you how to spin the wheel for some cash and get on the show. >> mark: vanna. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.
4:51 pm
y to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured." priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. pinpointing the weather are where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: the forecast, feazel
4:52 pm
get rain. as can you see, we don't have any in downtown. maybe a few cummulus clouds here and there. tomorrow more sunshine and 83 as we heat things up a little more. we will be dropping in the 50s tonight. not as cool as tomorrow night. an alert day wednesday showers and storms and nonsevere. it looks mainly the first half of the day 73 and thursday partly cloudy and 70. friday and another alert day saturday for some showers and storms. that's the next front into saturday night. there could be a few showers sunday morning. all right. sunday morning notice how it will be cooler 73 degrees there. on sunday, i do have it dry now for the browns game. next monday 74 degrees. mark and romona, back to you. >> mark: all right, jeff.
4:53 pm
students. what has young people hitting all the hard notes.
4:54 pm
useless trivia with me mark nolan. hey, romona. >> romona: hi, mark. >> mark: 85% of people who buy a treadmill say they never use it after how long? >> romona: 10 years. >> mark: romona, you are short on that. one year! get on the treadmill, people.
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>> mark: country music superstar tim mcgraw posted a video that will have you weeping here. check it out. ? glory god is what our hearts want.? >> romona: students are singing for a nashville high school teacher battling cancer. 400 strong the entire student body came to serenade him. the video has more than 18 million views now on
4:57 pm
people only think of themselves. >> mark: how about that. well done. >> romona: beautiful. >> mark: okay. what's going around. that's the question on many parent's minds as school begins. what to be on the lookout for
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia of streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> popped up the middle, popped in the air and intercepted. >> denise: all right browns
5:00 pm
loss and now we can add injury to insult. quarterback robert griffin iii hurt. >> chris: out eight games maybe the season. tony zarrella has details. >> chris: can't believe it. came to work and here we go. >> tony: you are new here. experiencing groundhog day. start the clock on 2017. seriously. i understand it's only one game. is to develop young guys together and now rg iii is out and josh mccown back in and i am saying the same sentence every football monday for 10 years. browns lose in more ways than one. they lose the quarterback they were hoping was the long-term plan with a fractured bone in the left shoulder and that hit and possibly done for the season and not that the offense can't operate with mccown. it is winning four or five games


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